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BonfayTech is a remarkable name in the IT industry in India and UAE. The organization was established by experts in 2013. BonfayTech is an best website design, web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital marketing solutions firm that convey genuine results to buiness internationally with guaranteed level of reliability and execution.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best techniques to improve website traffic and visibility in search engines among millions of websites from response to a search engine queries. Any business in this modern internet world discovers SEO to be vital in getting more traffic to their website. Google, Yahoo, and Bing rank website as per what the web index considers most pertinent to clients. Thusly, SEO can enhance your website's traffic, which can expand potential and valuable customers. Bonfaytech with its endowed experienced SEO professionals helps your website to attain top ranking in search engines.

The SEO includes On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Website Optimization, keyword research, web analytics and many tactics to get top position for a Website in SERP. Many searchers analyze the websites they found in the top pages. The searchers may not see last pages in SERP. It is necessary for a website to do SEO to get top position and high PR in search engines

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Why Choose BonfayTech for SEO?

BonfayTech aims in improving the Page Rank of a Website with guidelines prescribed by Search Engines (White Hat SEO). We are far away from rapid increase in Page Rank and penalization of Search Engines. The certain updates in SEO, BonfayTech Pclear knowledge and understanding in SEO trends and tactics which are upgraded up to date. Unlike other SEO companies, we thought that attaining top Rank is beginning of SEO. We aim in improve the Internet traffic for your Websites.

We have strong confident in team work by working with team spirit, we are able to mingle different points in a task. This leads our concern to offer attractive things in our Services. We give same importance in SEO for both small Businesses and top most companies. We aim in increase Page Rank and get more Internet traffic for our clients irrespective of their grade. BonfayTech has well knowledge Professionals having great experience in SEO and online marketing technologies. Our Professionals can make any website to get positive Results like more traffic, high PR in less time. We are here to support your Website’s stats with SEO tactics and proper Optimization and redesign your Website as per your requirements to improve Internet traffic.

How BonfayTech will be best fit for your SEO?

We begin our work from understanding needs of our customers. In addition to get top position in Results page, Our SEO services will help you by increase visibility, get more customers from search engines, increase profitability, etc. Using meta tags, creating attractive Description and title for a site induce the searcher’s interest to open the site when they see title in Result Page. In all SEO tactics, the main thing is Content. We aim in creating quality contents. Impressive, unique contents lead many people to see our Website because contents will induce users to open a website in Result Page.

Based on client’s specification, we disable some web pages and pages in old directory with Robots meta tags. This enable searchers to see the necessary and new pages updated in website. With our remarkable SEO services like Professional Content Writing, Responsive Website Design and others, we target in attract all internet users. These strategies result in convert visitors to customers. Social Media does not have direct pass in improve page ranking but helps in get more traffic. Regular postings and frequent activities in social media bring many clients as well as traffic. This tactic also brings high PR for our client’s Website.

What involves in BonfayTech SEO services

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