As people are confined to job, duties and other routine works, they are interested in using E-Commerce sites for purchase. In E-Commerce Websites, people can select the required things with high quality in a short duration. These reasons result in many online shopping sites like flipkart came into existence in India.

                       In India, the E-Commerce trade and market is continuously increasing it the recent years. Revenue through E-Commerce is increased from 158.84 billion rupees(in 2009) to 400 billion rupees in the year 2011 and this amount exceed in the recent years. It is expected that this revenue will increase up to 795 billion rupees by 2025. 

                      Many topmost E-Commerce websites like Amazon, flipkart, EBay gained many customers in the past years. Amazon also entered in Indian Market with the name of Junglee few years ago. All these shopping karts make interest among people regarding E-Commerce. This cause many business people to offer E-Commerce feature in their website for flexible services. This will result in eCommerce website is the most required one to establish and gain revenue in future.

                     More E-Commerce shopping karts will exist in future. They offer their services and customer contact with E-Commerce websites. This will result in enormous amount of employment opportunities even in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

                   With the enormous growth of E-Commerce websites, rather than increasing online sales, some interesting things may come true in future as follows:

  • This growth causes E-Commerce companies aims in new technologies and marketing strategies to develop their kart stronger and offer amazing customer services.
  • People will enjoy great delivering services from companies other than Credit card, Cash on delivery.

                      Moreover, E-Commerce websites will become the major tool for sales and inseparable from internet in future.